Saturday, 6 December 2014

My First Blog Post - This Is Me

Hi, I'm Queenie and I have no clue what I'm doing here, but i just thought it might be fun if I share some thoughts on this site of my own.

In my times at high school (that i just joined about a year ago) I've met some new friends most of my time at lunch is probably just siting in the library chatting to my friends that I already had and that's about it.

My Hobbies:
  • Day Dreaming.
  • Sleeping - I'm lazy.
  • Blogging and General Internet.
  • Listening to Music.
  • A bit of reading can get me off my boredom.
  • Some times investigating new make-up and hair looks.
Well now you know what kind of person I am.

xx Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for reading even though this is a short post. Bye xx

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