Tuesday, 10 February 2015

So so sorry...

In a few weeks I have uploaded my last blog of 2014, so this is going to be the first few of 2015. So the first thing I want to say is I'm so sorry because I have been really busy at school and at home cuz I have literally about 5-7 homework a week that's why I haven't uploaded in a while. I'm so so so so so sorry.

So on this blog I want to go over my blog that I have posted before and answer the questions:
In my Get To Know Me Q&A post I have been asked by Kymberley Bookworm to answer a few questions...

  1. Favourite holiday? My favourite holiday is I really don't know because I like all holidays.
  2. Besties/best friends? I have Kymberley also known as Kymberley Bookworm (go and check her blog out Booky Blogger), Lasma and Meghana and weirdly if you take their first letter of their first name it makes KLM.
  3. Opinion on school? I actually really like school because you're not stuck at home doing nothing but homework and you get to meet your friends (especially after a long holiday).
  4. Subjects? Um... 1 question for Kym, what do you mean, 'subjects'?
One more thing I have failed on my New Years Resolution already and I've only set 3 (that's bad)

That's all I want to say. Bye Bye!!!

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