Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Hi guys, so sorry for the Paris blog because I said that I would post a blog about Paris everyday but I didn't (apart from day 1). I didn't because I was so busy on the 2nd day I practically just got to the apartment and flopped down onto the bed and on the 3rd day I was just tired thinking about having to wake up at 8 o'clock and pack then having to pack my bag because we're leaving Paris that day.

Whatever, so now I want to talk about friendships because at school recently I've broken up with a friend and it all started when Meghana(1 of my best friends) and I decided to prank Kymberley(another one my best friends (sorry)) on Valentine's day way back in February by getting her a valentine's card and at the bottom saying 'from ?' but Lasma(now kind of my friend but not yet) saw us talking very quietly and was determined to know what we were going on about so she started to hate me but not Meg.

 So on February 14th we gave the card to Kym and every one of my friends was going on about it but because Meg and I have been very quiet Lasma is saying that we are pranking Kym on Valentine's Day Meg and I were determined to not leak it out to our friends so it kind of ended up like that and I also started to hate Lasma.

But now that I have said hi to Lasma a few times, she is starting to say hi back (just recently). So yeah, me and Lasma are ok with each other now and there's kind of like no hating anymore.

Bye xxx
Queenie, logging out.....

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