Friday, 30 October 2015


Hi guys, so today I want to talk about Halloween because it is coming to 31st of October where people just turn up at your door and aske for sweets(or candy if you're from America or however you say sweets), but this year I have to take my sister out for trick or treating and then hand it back to my mum after a while then I'm going to a sleepover! And because of I don't have a video idea for this week (and this helloween is on Saturday and my videos go up on Saturday) I'm going to vlog for you guys but unfortunately I have to upload it on Sunday instead of Saturday. Also if you noticed I didn't make a video last week because I was going to carve a pumpkin but I didn't have one at the time so instead I'm going to carve one this week for last weeks video.

I hope you get what I just said but if you don't, head over to my YouTube channel HERE and have a look and you will understand. 
Happy Helloween, bye xx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Make-up Review kind of thing

Today I want to talk about makeup. I don't know why but I just feel like it while texting my friends in a group chat and also i did a new video on YouTube you can click on the link at the bottom if you want to watch it. Anyway i wear makeup sometimes but not everyday and when I do wear makeup I clean my face and neck first to get all the dust and dirt out of my skin using the Simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash. Then I use the Simple kind to skin soothing facial toner to just balance out my skin tone a little especially if I've been having spots and redness on my skin from the acne and spots. Then to moisturize my skin I used the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. 

So there is my, I guess, a caring for my skin routine, but anyway I also want to talk about the brands I use for makeup. For foundation I use the bareMinerals starter kit(it has in it a foundation primer, because I have light skin it has a light and a fairly light foundation so 2 skin tones), a warmth powder ,that I use as a bronzer, and a finishing powder. My mum got this for me at Christmas as a Christmas present. DUH, and I find it really dry because it a powder foundation and when I put it on I find myself feeling as if I have something on my face and I don't feel natural. Just pointing out my mum has perfect skin and she never has to wear foundation so she didn't know which ones were good and which ones are bad I guess. Enough of the talk about foundation. Onto eyes I use No.7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara and it actually does its job and it really makes my lashes show up. I also use the No.7 Wheatsheaf StayPerfect Eyeshadow. I don't think I like it that much because I have oily skin sometimes and it just clumps up in the creases of my eyelids rather than staying where I put it but i think if I put eye primer on that would probably work better. I have 1 eyeliner and that is a pencil eyeliner. I have ever used it once since I bought it and I thought it was quite nice and it isn't so  bold(as in colour whereas a liquid liner is really bold in colour) which was what I wanted so I was really pleased. Onto the lips, I have quite a few lip glosses and I have 1 lipstick. Let's start on the lipstick, I have a Rimmel London by Kate Moss in 16 which is a pink but I was looking for a more natural colour, but anyway it lasts very long even if you are eating and it only rubs off a little bit.
Onto the lip glosses, I have my first lip gloss from No.7 which I seem to have lost because i take it wherever I am and I can't find it anywhere(I'll try to describe it as best as I can). I really liked it because it is a really natural colour and its not that pigmented which was what I was looking for and I remember I mentioned it in one of my videos. I said that it was called High Shine and it has an SPF15. I also have 2 other lip glosses by Cien. One is caled Coralise and it is super shiny which was what I liked at the time I bought it and one that taste like peaches.

I think I mentioned most of these in my What in my school bag video(link below). That's all I'm going to talk about now...

Bye xx

Makeup video -
What in my school bag video -